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SEO content

Writing content is important for your website. Do you know what is better? content that is readable and visible to your audience. SEO friendly content can show how good it is your content to the search engines.  Search engines are not human, it’s a bunch of algorithms that read more than your words. It catches the duplication in your content, the HTML structure, your readers behavior and the interlinking among your pages.

Our topic is how to write SEO friendly content. The first logical move now is to tell you what is SEO. Search engine optimization is the practice of shaping your website to meet search engines standards. This practice could increase the quality and quantity of your website’s organic traffic.

Write a unique content

It doesn’t matter if you build a user friendly website or a colorful beautiful front end or introduce an important idea if you don’t create an original content. you want to build a client base that does not vanish after ending an advertising campaign. You like to have a life time relationship with your customers. That can happen if you provide a lifetime value for them. let’s say you’re an online business and you want to build a website that provide your services online. If you only show your services and an appointment management system and you call it a day, then ask your self what a real added value your website is providing? and what makes you different from others?. Right real valuable content about your services. Work on answering your clients most frequently asked questions … etc.

OK now, how to write a unique content?

Keyword research

Do you know what is the biggest issue with most failing online businesses? They offer what they find useful, not what their clients find useful. When you’re a dental clinic and the trend is Hollywood smile, don’t make offers or write about fillings, just write about Hollywood smile and make offers on Hollywood smile. When you’re a ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ blogger and it happened that there is a chocolate festival at your city, please don’t write about ‘Fat burners’, instead write about ‘5 types of chocolate do not increase your wight’. Got my idea?

Free tools find trendy Keywords

  1. Using ubersuggest
screenshot of ubersuggest to show the readers a free tool for keyword research
screenshot of ubersuggest to show  a free tool for keyword research.

With ubersuggest just put the keyword you want to write about, let us say the word “Content”. Click on “Search” and you’re gonna get the following:

  • Search Volume: this indicator estimates the number of users search on google using this term. It’s important that you know that if the search volume is 10000, it doesn’t mean that you’ll get 10000 organic visits if you write using that keyword. It just gives you an idea about how important this keyword is on search engines. I suggest that you look for keywords that get searched for in your area so you don’t spend your efforts on a non-interesting keywords, and write using keywords that matter to your audience instead.
  • SEO Difficulty: Indicates to how difficult is ranking for a certain keyword.  I suggest that you don’t compete for competitive keywords, even if they look very relevant or very attempting. try to compete for specific niche rather than competing for generic keywords. For example, try to compete for “Dental clinic in Riyadh” rather than competing for “Clinic” or “Dental” because if try to rank for competitive keywords, you’re gonna spend time and efforts, and then you’re probably not getting the result you were hoping for.

2.  Using Google keyword planner

With this free tool you can check up on keywords that are related to your business. Then you can get the potential volume of each keyword, along with suggested relevant keywords. Google keyword planner can help you deciding which keyword can really get a free organic traffic in the long run.

Relevance  is as important as uniqueness

Please don’t play smart and write about any and every keyword with high potential that come a cross your mind. lets just stop “Everything Websites!!”. Yesterday I came across one website with more than 100 services. “Athan alarm”, “Calculator”, Web Directory”, “Health Blog Posts”, “Religion Blog Posts”, “Travel Tips Blog Posts” … etc. This kind of websites should stop now!!!. What about making a good and clean web directory such as raddadi. It has been there since forever and still providing one particular service. we need such relevant and focusing niche websites and online businesses. Choose one field you really like and feel really passionate about, start writing about it and providing services with high quality around it.

Careful with posts structure

html headings for SEO friendly structure

Previously I wrote about on-page seo  and I talked specifically about headings optimization. I’m not going to suggest here that you use a particular SEO theme for your posts but I’ll ask you to choose whatever you feel suitable and be consistent. consistence in content structure helps search engines to understand your website’s content better, and that would give you more points to rank better. Use heading 1 just 1 time in your post, mostly with titles, otherwise your website is going to be negatively effected. use heading 2 very wisely for your subheadings and make sure to include your keywords for better results. heading 3 can be used with points related to subheadings and heading 4 can be used for points related to heading 3 … etc. My article “Data Analyst vs Data Scientist – Simple Comparison” shows an example of taking care posts structure.


Optimize your posts images

Most content creators focus on the text they write, but they don’t pay attention to the used images. Images and videos By the time are getting more important especially after the existence of images and videos search engines. When you add images to your article google does not know what it explains or what it refers to. your job is to tell search engines what your images are all about. before adding an image to a blog post or an article make sure to fill the following fields.

Image title:  write a relevant title in the title field. most of the websites add images without even looking to the fields above. they add images with it’s non-validated default titles, which can be in a form of numbers, random letters or unrelated title names.

Image Caption: if you want add a caption to your article’s images, which is a one line explanation of what the image above is showing. I have added a caption to ubersuggest image above.

Alt text: alt-text is referred to as the most important field that should be taken care of in images SEO. Search engines relay on alt text for explaining the content of any image that exists in your website.




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