Types of SEO techniques

Search engine optimization is a very crucial aspect to be taken care of while building a business online. taking he wrong SEO approach could cost you your entire business. Similarly, if you use the right approach following search engines guidelines could take your business to the next level.There are basically 3 types of SEO. Categorizing those seo types has been done based on 4 main factors.

  • Time You need to get results (Time cost).
  • Money You spend to get results(Financial cost).
  • The counted risk when applying a certain SEO approach.
  • The value you get when applying SEO approaches.

Black hat SEO

This type of SEO is basically represented by taking approaches that are against Google Webmaster Guidelines. Any SEO technique that formal guidelines tell you NOT to apply is a black hat SEO. keyword stuffing, hiding, paid backlinks and thin content(less than 300 words per post) are examples of black hat SEO.


  1. Usually it is less costly compared to white hat SEO(Will talk about in a minute).
  2. You’re gonna get your aimed results pretty fast because you’re basically trying to manipulate the search engines.


  1. High risk of getting penalized by search engines, and hence you’re gonna stop getting organic traffic to your website.
  2. The value you get from black hat SEO is temporary. Once you stop your campaign or if you get caught by google algorithms, you’ll go back to square zero. your website will stop ranking and your efforts will go away.

Types of SEO Summary [Black hat SEO]

Black hat seo pros, cons and examples

White hat SEO

The safest among SEO types and quite is the opposite of black hat SEO. It follows Google Webmaster Guidelines so it can eventually get a ranking website with no high risk of penalization. White hat SEO is all about writing a relevant, informative content and promote it through social media and PPC campaigns. All of the respected journals and reviewer in this field are strongly recommend is approach.


  1. Lifetime value where there is no risk of getting caught in the future by google’s algorithms.
  2. High potential of getting a low bounce rate, which increases your website’s authority in search engines.
  3. Higher chance of getting a higher conversion rate. with white hat SEO you can target a specific audience by using the targeted keywords approach in your content.


When you do SEO the right way, you’ll definitely face issues like what i’m gonna list below. So I’m not sure if it’s “CONS” or just the nature of doing SEO the right way.

  1. Takes longer time to see results on your website.
  2. Costs more money because it doesn’t take shortcuts to achieve SEO objectives. It needs good content writers and On-page human reviews. Also it includes building links in your website, increase internal links and backlinks from sources with high authority. doing proper research on your competitors is a major part of white hat SEO.

Types of SEO Summary [White hat SEO]

White hat seo pros, cons and examples

Grey hat SEO

Gray hat SEO falls in the middle between black hat SEO and white hat SEO. Any search engines manipulating technique that is not mentioned clearly in search engines guidelines is classified as gray hat SEO. If you choose this approach you might not currently get caught by google algorithms, but you might get caught later. building your SEO strategy upon this type is risky because one day you’re doing well, the other day you’re crashing. clickbait, slightly modified content, link exchanges and paying for reviews are examples of gray hat SEO.

Types of SEO Summary [Gray hat SEO]

Gray hat seo pros, cons and examples

In summary, google stated that spending energy in manipulative ways to rank faster, wont be better than following the guidelines.

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